Sunn Rays (Dylan Gunn), is an instrumental song writer, utilizing Ableton production. His music can be best described ranging genres of downtempo, soul, trip hop, livetronica/psychedelic rock, and ambient/melodic- that ultimately blend to something of it's own. His melody leads from the soul and his guitar mainly shifts the direction of his song writing. Dylan was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and is a self taught guitar player. He wants to heal others with his music as it heals for him, helping his listeners escape through warm frequency that shifts in high energy.. like the rays of the sun. 

      Sunn Rays has a feature collaboration with Electro Soul Producer- Ageless- Out on Philos Records. "Knowledge and Ignorance", a funky track from the soul that will have you Movin' that body! Sunn Rays brings a refreshing out look to song writing and is on a path of the soul. Keep on the look out for this individual sharing original music from the soul for the soul!

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